Friday, November 16, 2007

CL Square Dance and Star Dance Templates


Good for Mid and long arm machines
Square Dance

--King 3 Sections 138"

--Queen 2+1/2 Sections 115"

--Queen 2 Sections 92"

The following quilt was pieced by Deb Girton of PA. It was quilted by Georgene Huggett of VA.

"Deb sold this quilt shortly after she got it back and added the binding, so she was thrilled. She said they (quilt shop ladies I presume) all LOVED the quilting design and how it showed up so well on the back."

01 Top
02 Corner1

06 Fabrics

First Customer Quilt Using "Square Dance"

by Carol Lyon

Sampler Quilt by Kay

Circle Lord templates may be used for sewing without restriction .
The patterns on Circle Lord templates cannot be reproduced
without permission for machine quilting templates.


The Quilt above was done by Bob Lyon - on and off the machine in 2 hours. It's 68 inches by 80 inches. He does not have a stitch regulator and it was the first time he used the template.

Below is a denim checker board quilt pieced by Silvana Morassutti for her grandson. It was quilted by Kay.

The Star Dance template is the same as the Square Dance,
but with stars in every third block.

I like to call it the "Stars and Stripes - Rock'nRoll" template

If you don't quilt the stars, you can free-hand in the space left.

Or, make a panto of a something that could fit there, then place a copy on each empty space. Lift the stylus, do the panto, and then continue with the Stripes section.

Here's a look at the template.

It's 44 inches long and 13 inches high.The pattern is under 12 inches. It can be used on both, mid-arm and long-arm, machines. The star is 5 inches across.
When using the stars, the quilting is continuous - no trailing threads.

And, here's the quilted pattern.

King (3 sections-132 inches) ,
 Queen ( 2 sections - 88 inches)

Circle Lord Stylus $69.00 (Circle Lord Basic is not needed to use Giant Templates)

It is recommended that you use King size on a 12-14 foot table. and a Queen on a 10 foot table. You don't save money, or time, moving a short template.

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Michael and Kay

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